Nextv series Mexico


Andrea Pérez García-Escudero

Directora General

FOX Sports México

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Nancy Hernández Vargas

Subdirectora de Broadcast y OTT

Dish México

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Emilio Aliaga


TV Azteca Digital

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José Luis Rodríguez López



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Andrés Nieto

Director de Adquisiciones, Programación y Distribución

Claro Sports

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Rodolfo Ramírez

Director General de Deportes

TV Azteca

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Héctor Aguilar

CIO and Chief Engineering Officer

Grupo Fórmula

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Guillermo Franco

Miembro del Comité Directivo


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Raúl Fernández

Business Development Manager

WSC Sports

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Our Research Highlights

Netflix strikes first and grows like never before in Latam

Netflix saw record growth in Latin America in Q4 2023. It achieved a 5.4% quarterly increase in subscribers, something it hadn't done since 2020 during the pandemic. The last quarter also marked an exceptional year in which it managed to return to double-digit year-on-year growth and add more than 4.3 million accounts. Behind the success are the new plans with lower prices: Ad-tier and, mainly, account sharing crackdown. The SVOD market in Latam ended 2023 with 114.3 million accounts, and Netflix remained the leading platform in terms of subscribers. It led the segment with 40.25%, just below its share in the previous year. This stability is not insignificant, as Netflix lost 35 points of share between 2019 and 2022 with the entry of the main international platforms. Latam is a highly concentrated market, with only four groups (Netflix, Disney, Amazon, and WarnerBros.Discovery) holding 82.4% of subscribers.

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Pay TV in Latin America: is super-aggregation the way forward ?

In Chile, Claro VTR recently presented an unprecedented offer: starting March 1, its clients will have access to eight streaming platforms without an additional cost: Max (that launched in Latin America at the end of February), Prime Video, Universal+, Mega Go, Atresplayer, Cindie, Edye and Rivii. The firm presents a second alternative: in exchange for an extra $3,0, it will allow access to Disney+ , Star+ and Paramount+. Subscribing to the eight platforms’ basic plans separately would cost $35, while subscribing to the 11 separately would cost $50. Claro-VTR in Chile is showing how the super-aggregator role continues to expand and becomes a strategic shift for traditional Pay TV operators, and how a hard-bundle can become a joint go-to-market proposition.

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